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While the big guys bring 'em in and rush 'em out, we take our
time and make friends, this causes less stress to your best
friend and makes the grooming experience a pleasant event.

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Club Paws does not
use Cage Dryers.

All pets are dried with a high velocity hand
held dryer.

Dear Club Paws - Jackie & Kim ~

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you what a wonderful
job I, and my Tobybear, think you do!!

After having a Basset Hound, Sidney, for 15 years and
having to put her down, I never thought I would be able to
love another dog.  However, while volunteering at an area
shelter my family adopted a pom mix when he was six weeks
old.  His name is Tobybear and having never owned a lap
dog in my life I had no idea how this 8 pound little guy could

I am very very protective of him to the point my daughters
are jealous so making a decision to bring him to you was a
tough one after having terrible luck with other groomers.  I've
picked him up (from other groomers) only to leave angered
at how upset and nervous he was not to mention it looked
like EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS got ahold of him!  I gave up
on groomers and tried to brush him myself and he would
have NO PART OF IT!!  He would even show me his little
teeth as if to say, "I SAID YOU ARE NOT BRUSHING ME
GRANDMA!"  Well, after seeing the pictures you took of him
flat out smiling while YOU were BRUSHING him, I just had to
send you a letter.

I heard wonderful things about Club Paws from a friend so I
came in to give you a try and I'M SO GLAD I DID!!!  
Tobybear was so at ease with you that I felt completely
comfortable leaving him and going for lunch with my
girlfriend.  When I picked him up he looked absolutely
adorable and was in such a good mood and happy I knew
by his behavior how well he had been taken care of.  I've
been coming to you ever since and he's now to the point of
excited when he gets there!


Dee and Tobybear Roggio (Alton)
Here's what a client had to say after giving us a try:

Hunter J was in earlier today for his first grooming appointment
with you.  There aren't enough words to express how much fun I
had as well as my dalmatian Hunter J (who is my world, and I am
leery of his treatment when not with me; however, not here with
you though - you made us feel very welcomed) .  You had no
problem with me staying with Hunter J for the first few minutes.  I
left for about an 1/2 hour, when I returned Hunter J was all done
and looked quite handsome!!!!!

I am VERY pleased with the service I received as well as Hunter

He was treated with superior service!!  You will definitely be
referred by us!!!!

I wanted to post this on your website as a comment or experiences
for everyone to see, how satisfied we (Hunter J and I) were.

Thanks again for a great experience and we'll see you along with
our Rescued Greyhound (Ms. M) on our next scheduled date.
Don't let the big guys nickel and dime you to death, our prices include everything.
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While visiting Club Paws' Spa every pet is pampered with his or her Bath/Brush,
Nails, Facial Scrub, Ears cleaned and Teeth brushed
For pricing information please
contact Club Paws at 618-463-9983
as pricing is determined by breed of
Toby Bear Roggio
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